Caravan fridge Internal Cooling fan IP63

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Fridge fan kit
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Do not waste your time and money with any other cooling fans on the market. This fan is IP68 Rated for use in areas exposed to dust, fine dirt particles and moisture that can quickly clog up a standard fan and cause it to failure early in life. We use ball bearing fans because they are less prone to wear and tear and can operate in any orientation and at higher temperatures. However, ball bearing fans are more complex and expensive than sleeve-bearing designs. If you look at most of the market, you will find most are not IP rated and use cheap fans that will run all the time even when the temperature is blow the value. This unit will turn the fans off so it use less power and is more efficient.

The Controller is a PWM 12V DC fan temperature control and speed regulator. 

Unit spec

120mm IP63 PWM fan

This system fits all fridges, gas or electric. Dometic and Thetford. Eliminates HOT AND COLD sections in your fridge for a overall cold temperature throughout the WHOLE FRIDGE.Thermostat can be easily adjusted to suit your preference. Neatly mounted switch provides option to run fans or turn them off. Guards are fitted to the fans to prevent the blades from being blocked.

Simply requires 12v to be connected to the fan system.

If you have a small Thetford fridge, there may be no drain tube to use for the wiring.

The wires will have to be run through the thermostat capillary access hole or out the door & underneath the fridge to access power.



The Controller is 12V

FAN is L 241mm x W 42mm x H 128mm

Can be taken off and fitted to any future fridges.

The temperature probe is sealed with 1% high precision thermistor and epoxy resin, waterproof and moisture-proof. The metal part of the probe is the temperature sensitive point. 

Cooling Mode Pre Set

How to set up?

After the power supply is turned on, the POW light on the main board will light up. At this time, the controller will start to detect the current temperature and adjust the fan speed according to the currently set temperature range. Take the factory default temperature range of the governor as an example. The factory default temperature range of the controller is L=30℃, H=50℃, when the current temperature is detected to be greater than or equal to 30℃, the speed governor will adjust the fan speed in a linear proportion, as the temperature rises, the fan speed will also increase. When the temperature is ≥50℃, the fan becomes full speed. When the temperature drops to ≤ 27°C (L-3), the governor keeps the fan at the minimum speed/or shuts down the fan. 

Single fans current draw - 0.7A 

What's included in the kit.

1 x Fan temperature kit pre wired.
1 x Fuse wire and fuse.