50 Amp Anderson Plug Flush Mount face plate V2-1

VP Design

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No 12v sockets 2 x grey-1
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50Amp Anderson Style Plug Mounting Panel V2

Unique 4 in 2 Design Faceplate is the perfect neat solution for your power supplies in Canopy, Camper Caravan and 4×4 drawer setups.

Can be mounted horizontally or vertically to fit your space constraints.


  • Faceplate 153mm L x 96mm W x 48mm H
  • 4 x countersunk stainless steel screws
  • 2 x Anderson style plugs
  • 2 x round switches

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This polymer is 3D printed and is very tough and has some flexibility but when it does fail, it cracks rather than deforming. Do the screws up firmly but do not overtighten.

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