3-Pin 50A Grey Anderson Style Connector and Cover

VP Design

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The New Three-pin Anderson Style Connector takes hassle out of connecting your DC-DC Charger. Run your postive alternator, negative ground and ignition wires together in a single connector. They are fully insulated, rated to 50amps and made from strong pollycarbon. The three-pin Anderson style connectors are a single-piece housing that provides a cost effective, durable, and safe connection

3 pins anderson plugs are interconnectable with other 3 pin anderson plug as well as standard 50Amp Anderson plugs.

**Please NOTE** Grey Anderson plugs are inter-connectable with Black and Grey Anderson plugs only.

Flush mount will come with stainless hardware and lock nuts.


Plug size L58mm x W48mm x H11mm

Flush mount size 110mm x 49mm x 40mm
Cut out 66mm x 25mm

Slopped mount size 92mm x 22mm x 102mm